Citronella Double Fermentation, Finca el Placer

Citronella Double Fermentation, Finca el Placer

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Super complex berry, limoncello, really wide earthy body, and hibiscus

Region: Colombia, Quindío

Process: Citronella Double Fermentation Honey
100-hour carbonic maceration w/ cherry
100-hour citronella hop fermentation, pulped

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Producer: Finca el Placer, Sebastían Ramírez

Importer: unblended coffee

This is a VERY unique process, one we have not sourced before...The cherries are sealed in a CO2-filled container and undergo carbonic maceration for 100 hours while the pH and temperature are controlled. Next, they are depulped and sealed once again, this time with a hop culture that Sebastian calls Mosto, for another 100 hours. After all of this, the coffee is dried in Elbas (open patios) for up to 30 days and stabilized for another 15 days. In addition, this is a Pink Bourbon variety, a relatively rare and inherently sweet variety.