• Panama, Gesha (Dynamic Cherry, 4oz)
  • Panama, Gesha (Dynamic Cherry, 4oz)

Panama, Gesha (Dynamic Cherry, 4oz)

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Order by Monday night, May 29...Roast/ship by Tuesday, May 30

Notes: Brilliant ruby and gems, orange juice, bergamot, coriander, lavender as cools

Region: Panama, Boquete

Producers: Finca Fátima, Benjamin de Dianous

Process: Dynamic Cherry Natural

This is our first Panama Gesha; a big deal for us, and quite the investment! The Gesha variety is likely considered the single-most influential THING (not just variety) in modern specialty coffee. It was brought to the forefront during the 2004 Best of Panama competition, selling for over $50/lb. It is now widely grown across the globe; but Gesha from Panama has maintained its position as the best. This Gesha, from Benjamin de Dianous, is processed in partnership with the Creative Coffee District. They use their proprietary Dynamic Cherry Natural process; drying the cherries for two days, then fermenting them in sealed plastic bags, then continue the drying process in cherry at controlled temps of 90F.