El Salvador COE #13, Finca The Sugar Maples

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Notes: Tart citrus, orange pitch, peanut butter ice cream, some florality, subtle rose

Region: El Salvador, Metapán

Producers: Finca The Sugar MaplesRoxana Yamileth Zelaya Guardado

Varieties: Pacamara

Process: Natural, anaerobic fermentation

The Pacamara Variety: This is a generally high cup scoring variety, grown mostly in El Salvador. It was created as a cross between the two varieties, Pacas and Maragogipe, hence Paca-Mara.

Cup of Excellence: The preeminent competition for farmers around the world. It provides a platform for farmers to showcase their hyper curated nano-lots, compete for a global jury panel, and then open their lots for a global auction. Some lots have sold for over $400/lb! COE has helped positively develop the image of "the farmer."