Las Lajas Micromill, Laurina Natural (6oz)

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Notes: Fruit punch, extremely airy, delicate, pineapple, tart, green papaya, guava, sweet all the way to cooled

Region: Costa Rica, Alajuela

Producers: Las Lajas Micromill, Finca los Pinitos

Varieties: Laurina (extremely rare)

Process: Black Diamond Natural

The Laurina VarietyWhile still being considered an Arabica variety, its characteristics are completely different from its fellow varieties. This variety is truly unique and very rare. It is a naturally low caffeine varietal (about 30%) and has loads of sugars, which attribute to its sweet and delicate profile. Originally discovered on the island of Bourbon (now Reunion) off the eastern coast of Madagascar. Not only are the profile notes different, but physically the plant is different. Another name for Laurina is Bourbon Pointu because of its narrow and "pointy" seed shape. The tree also looks more like a Christmas tree rather than round, with much smaller leaves.