Yemen, Haraaz Mountains

Yemen, Haraaz Mountains

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Notes: Lavendar, chai spices, jammy, subtly creamy

Region: Yemen, Haraaz Mountains

Producers: Mahal Aqeequl Drying Station

Varieties: Tuffahi, Dawairi, Jaadi

Process: Natural

Yemeni Coffee is Historic: Yemen may seem like a strange origin to be getting coffee from, especially given its arid climate. But in fact, Yemen is one of the original growing regions in the world; some suggest it was the birthplace, but it is all but confirmed that Ethiopia holds that title. According to my research, hundreds of years ago, coffee crossed the Red Sea from Ethiopia to Yemen in the "luggage" of Sufi Mystics. And from Yemen, it spread across the entire world. Coffee is grown in a unique farming structure: terraced farming (see below). Additionally, most varieties from Yemen are believed to be from a unique Arabica family known as Yemenia.