Guatemala, Koji Caturra

Guatemala, Koji Caturra

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Deep wild blueberry, slightly floral, rich umami

Variety: Caturra

Process: Koji Natural

Producers: Finca Gascón, Felipe Contreras

Notes: You're probably asking: What is Koji? Simply, it is a grain mold that is used as the crux of products like miso, sake, and soy sauce. It is most commonly spread as spores across the naturally drying process, growing on the cherries as they ferment/dry on raised beds. However, Finca Gascón's team have innovated a process using shio koji, which is essentially a paste that can be added to the fermentation tanks, before raised bed drying. This is our fifth nanolot of koji from Gascón and in this case they go further. Very fascinating and VERY unique!