Costa Rica, Las Lajas Micromill

Costa Rica, Las Lajas Micromill

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Berry trilogy, pineapple juice, apple cider, freeze dried strawberries

Variety: Villa Sarchi

Process: Yellow Diamond Honey

Producers: Finca Sabanilla, Francisca and Oscar Chacón

Notes: It is strange to say this, but we may be one of the few roasters in the United States this year that will be get fresh harvest from Las Lajas Micromill! The Yellow Diamond Honey is unique in that they slow the drying down to upwards of 22 days. They say that "with this process, [we] don’t want to harm the beans with high temperatures rather than allow the sugars of the mucilage to cold crystalize.  [We] look to obtain a sweeter, more clear, and bright coffees with the Diamond process." The Villa Sarchi variety is a natural genetic mutation of Bourbon.