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  • SK Coffee VLOG: Auto-drip Machines

    SK Coffee VLOG: Auto-drip Machines

    There's a simple way to drink great coffee...The real secret is to simply buy good, well-sourced, and well-roasted coffee! In this episode, I bring you into the world of auto-drip machines through my favorite and preferred machine: the Bonavita. It's...

  • SK Coffee VLOG: Ratio for Brewing

    SK Coffee VLOG: Ratio for Brewing

    In this episode, I give you a super simple hack to create a great 1/16 ratio for brewing without the use of a scale. All you need is a measuring cup and a tablespoon.PROCESS- 7 tablespoons of coffee- 4 cups/1...

  • SK Coffee VLOG: Unpacking "Fermentation"

    SK Coffee VLOG: Unpacking "Fermentation"

    In this episode I had initially set out to discuss coffee process as a whole. But then it occurred to me that nearly all processes are some variation on the type or amount of fermentation used in that process.First, I will not...

  • VLOG: Coffee Varieties

    VLOG: Coffee Varieties

    In this episode, I discuss the concept of coffee varieties. It's a buzz word used throughout the specialty coffee industry. But what does it mean?The coffee we drink is originally a dense pit of a tropical cherry, often found in...

  • VLOG: Roast Levels

    VLOG: Roast Levels

    In this episode, produced with our friends at Waiting Room Collective, I discuss the concept of "roast levels."I am asked a lot, "do you have a light roast, do you have a dark roast?" Of course, like all great crafts, there...

  • VLOG: Sourcing Coffee

    VLOG: Sourcing Coffee

    In this episode, we discuss how we source our coffee and the 3 styles by which that coffee is sourced. Here are the 3:Mainstay Coffee (small importers)Global Interest (larger importersQuick Turnaround